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Apple Watch: how to change the activity goals in watchOS 7

With watchOS 7 Apple for the first time not only allows users to adjust the daily move goal on Apple Watch, but also to change the exercise and stand goal. Here's a quick guide to adjusting the smartwatch and the activity goals.

The latest operating system for the Apple Watch not only brings obvious changes. There aren’t just new watch faces, a family configuration or a sleep mode, but Apple has also made improvements in the fitness category and made some helpful enhancements in the depths of the settings, fulfilling a long-awaited wish of smartwatch users.

Until now only the daily move goal in calories could be configured, but Apple’s watchOS 7 on current smartwatch models now also allows setting the exercise goal in minutes and the standing goal in hours.

watchOS 7: Configure training and stand goals – this is how it works

Apple has hidden the settings for the three goals a bit at first glance. This is primarily because most of the wearers of the Apple Watch may not know where to manually set the move goal. The most obvious method is to adjust the calorie target during the weekly summary, which appears automatically.

Apple Watch watchOS 7 Activity Rings US

The activity goals in watchOS 7 are much more flexible than before. / © NextPit

If you’ve ever been looking for this setting, you might also quickly guess how Apple solved the adjustment of the other two targets.

Open the Activity app on Apple Watch.

Scroll all the way down until “Change goals” appears.

watchOS 7 will guide you through the settings for your move, exercise, and stand goal.

After tapping OK on the “Stand Goal” setting, the new goals are saved.

The exercise goal can be adjusted from the standard 30 minutes to 10 to 60 minutes – in five-minute increments – per day. The standing goal ranges from six to the twelve hours, the latter being the factory default.

watchOS 7 is compatible with Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3 to Apple Watch Series 6. An iPhone running iOS 14 is also required.


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