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PHILISN Innovative Products Break the Stereotype of DIY Car Detailing

A popular phenomenon that is increasingly attracting more people is DIY car detailing at home because it is more cost-effective and also an enjoyable recreational activity for car lovers. However, some people may argue that this activity is time-consuming and could cause damage to their car through improper or complicated implementations. Fortunately, a rising brand, PHILISN, is providing car enthusiasts with premium auto detailing supplies to eliminate such worries. Known as a dark horse, it ranked No.1 on Amazon New Release List just after its launch. One of PHILISN’s customers, Tommy Green, said, “The company helps me clean and take care of my car in a more effective and safe way. Just a quick spray on and wipe off, it restores the new-like shine on my car. I am greatly satisfied.” To enable more people to enjoy the fun of DIY car detailing without worries, PHILISN innovative products are designed under the inspiration of the “3S” core philosophies: Safe, Shine, Speed.

“Safe” indicates that all PHILISN’s products are lab-engineered and formulated using environmentally friendly ingredients, and also strictly tested to ensure premium quality and safety while achieving excellent detailing performance. The products are both surface friendly and skin friendly.

“Shine” indicates that all products adopt advanced chemical technologies to deliver a lasting, gentle crystalline gloss to your car, and avoid damaging your exterior car paint or interior leather. PHILISN exclusive R&D lab insists on the exploration and innovation of chemical technology and car care ingredients, with the purpose of improving the convenience and performance of auto detailing.

“Speed” indicates easy application and quick detailing, which help auto detailers give cars maximum shine with minimal time and effort. Designed to break stereotypes of auto detailing, PHILISN products are time-saving and efficient.

PHILISN announces that detailing is a lifestyle, so every car lover deserves the best detailing kit. Devoted to serving car enthusiasts and offering hassle-free DIY auto detailing experience, PHILISN always pays extra attention to clients’ concerns and consistently makes evolutionary products accordingly. Despite being a new star in the field, the brand has researched and developed innovative chemical technologies for years and is experienced in automotive care. Apart from utilizing upgraded synthetic polymer chemical technology, all lines of products are infused with green safe and skin care formula. The recently launched 9H ceramic coating is the first product to innovatively atomize liquid with almost 80% SiO2 into NANO level and make it sprayable, and effectively bonds to your car paint. The product not only forms a 9H hardness crystalline protectant on the car surface but it also boosts the brightness of car paint to a higher level of optical clarity and reduces scratches, dirt, and contaminants.

PHILISN is an avant-garde geek detailing style that fuses the love for cars with advanced chemical technology for auto detailing, and is evolving into a symbol of passion for cars.

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