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Silly Sloths is tapping into the world of block chain technology with fantastical NFT (non-fungible token) designs that help save Sloths in the real world. Silly Sloths is bringing forth the union of digital currency and digital art through a community driven approach. Each NFT is a unique addition of the Silly Sloth family, a digital art collection harboring a wide variety of out-of-the box characters.They are building a diverse community of like-minded individuals, celebrating the emerging opportunities of cryptocurrency and revolutionary creative collaboration.

Each Silly Sloth NFT is hand drawn by local California artist Nakiah. Her art is driven by a passion for philanthropy, and creating real-world change through artistic expression. Every Sloth is crafted with it’s own custom attributes, with a hundred traits and eight property variable opportunities. Silly Sloths is spearheading a community that goes beyond just NFT art. They are building a digital space of interactivity and utility for everyone in the Sloth family. This includes community driven approaches, personal and financial growth opportunities, as well as individual and group rewards. They prioritize the educational evolution of blockchain technology, and the importance of growing as a collective force.

“It’s an amazing feeling being able to help endangered sloths by combining my passion for art and blockchain technology. NFTs are the future.” – Nakiah Witt

The pursuit of actionable real-world impact is paramount to Silly Sloths. They continue to build relationships with global Sloth Conservation Organizations, with hopes of repairing the deforestation and habit issues of the Sloth species. Silly Sloths believes the NFT world is a pathway into the future of art, technology, and digital community. They are in the process of blockchain game development, and expanding the outreach of the Silly Sloths initiative.

The Silly Sloths community is rapidly evolving, with a goal of creating a voice for everyone that joins the family. When you own a Silly Sloth NFT, you are taking part in creating the future of the project and the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency. Silly Sloths believes in building a think tank for regenerative ideas and unprecedented approaches, creating a positive impact in the digital and real world space. Every owner of a Silly Sloth NFT will have exclusive access to the exciting growth opportunities that awaits the future of the Sloths. Silly Sloths is keen on exponential expansion that benefits all NFT owners, as they continue improving the world of blockchain technology.

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