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XDC Foundation, in alliance with LeewayHertz, has launched the XDC Observatory dApp

XDC Foundation, in collaboration with LeewayHertz, has launched a new network explorer, the XDC Observatory. This decentralized application functions as an informative blockchain insights page, which provides complete analytics of the XDC Network and introduces innovative new features and functions, including transaction labels and profile customization.

Through this industry-leading dApp, XDC Network presents a user-friendly, comprehensive way for users to observe network data. The XDC Observatory also functions as a search engine where users can search for the details of block generation and transactions executed on the XDC Network.

“The XDC Observatory will provide what block explorer users have long been waiting for – a feature-rich and customizable explorer that is unprecedented in the blockchain industry. For example, custom name and transaction type labels with export capabilities will provide a much simpler tax preparation process for users. We are thrilled with the functionality and user experience that the XDC Observatory will deliver to our community.” – Billy Sebell, Executive Director of the XDC Foundation.

The analytics dashboard on XDC Observatory includes all the information presented on traditional block explorers – hash ID, transaction age, total tokens, block number, sender’s and receiver’s addresses, smart contracts and more. These components now make up a detailed portal with customizable, searchable, and sortable information on transactions, accounts, token holders and blocks. This customizable data can be managed through user-created profiles and, in order to emphasize user privacy, user-saved data is stored locally, rather than on the cloud. The intent is to enhance the user experience of block exploration using these new data management tools.

Speaking about the distinct attributes of the dApp, Akash Takyar, CEO of LeewayHertz, explains, “With this analytics platform, XDC users are delivered an entirely new way to view transaction details, analyze the network data and verify contract code. The release of this decentralized application will help users get a technical overview of the XDC metrics and better understand the defining features of the XDC Network.”

The innovative solutions presented by the XDC Observatory showcase XDC Foundation’s efforts to simplify and streamline the user experience when interacting with network data. Through precision indexing, the innovative statistics and graphics dashboard, and new customization options, mainstream users can more easily track and understand movements and metrics on the XDC blockchain. An evolution on the traditional explorer, the XDC Observatory is a way to look at the entire XDC universe and prioritize relevant data, just as one would identify a constellation amongst the stars.



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