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Opear Holdings Launches Web App for House Calls and Telehealth

Opear Holdings, Inc., the creator of two digital health apps for patients and providers, has released a web-based version of the 'Opear for Providers' app.

 Opear Holdings, Inc., the creator of two digital health apps for patients and providers, has released a web-based version of the ‘Opear for Providers’ app. 


Opear for Providers is an all-in-one solution for doctors and APRNs to launch low-overhead house call and telehealth practices. Acting as a ‘virtual office’, the software includes everything from appointment-setting and HIPAA-compliant video calls, to EHR access and automatic billing. Its sister app, Opear MD, serves as the patient-facing platform, allowing users to browse Opear providers, book appointments, receive telemed exams, and more. 


The web app will provide substantial improvements to medical providers’ workflow. In addition to preserving core functionality like electronic health record (EHR) access and 24/7 chat, the release includes user experience improvements such as the ability to record visit notes while an exam is still in progress, and simplified registration and profile setup.  


“Healthcare should be personal, even when it’s not in-person,” said Opear CEO Michael Demetriou. “Telemedicine allows us to tackle serious industry issues like physician burnout, patient wait times, and administrative hassles. But the benefits of digital health don’t have to come at the expense of bedside manner. From our new, easy-to-use web app to upcoming releases like Bluetooth for virtual monitoring, Opear is blending the best parts of virtual and brick-and-mortar medicine.”


The highly anticipated web app release was inspired in part by physicians’ feedback. Originally designed and released for mobile, the most commonly requested feature was a web-based version of the app. 


Opear was designed to rethink healthcare for both doctors and patients, giving each greater control of their experience. Unlike many digital health providers, Opear patients are able to choose their own provider and appointment time, rather than waiting in a virtual queue to see a randomly assigned doctor. Meanwhile, providers benefit from an all-in-one “virtual practice”, allowing them to focus on patient care without the hassles of billing, burnout, or overhead.




Opear MD is a membership-based app for remote digital healthcare. Bridging the gap between online and in-person care, Opear allows patients to select their own provider for in-home or video exams, medical transportation, and prescription-writing needs.

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