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Nollapelli Fills the Gap in the Bedding Industry with First-of-Its-Kind Fabric

Founder Allison Howard used her chemical engineering and science background to develop revolutionary wellness linen that is now available direct to consumers.

Allison Howard, founder of the wellness linen company Nollapelli, first revolutionized the hospitality industry with her breakthrough signature bedding designed with skin science in mind. Now, the line is offered both to high-end hospitality partners and direct-to-consumer. Nollapelli believes everyone can benefit from a better sleep experience from head to toe.


Nollapelli bedding works in harmony with the body and was invented by Howard, who spent two decades at large material science companies and has a chemical engineering degree. When she realized her cotton bedding was damaging her skin and hair and disrupting her sleep, she devised a new fabric, filling a gap in the $8 billion bedding market. Bedding fabrics hadn’t been innovated for generations, until Nollapelli came along.


“Our better-for-you bedding is helping people ease into a peaceful night’s rest, whether traveling or relaxing at one of our partner hotels or spas, or at home snuggled up in comfort,” said Howard. “I know the value of proper rest and the need for bedding that soothes our bodies while we sleep. Some beauty mavens swear by silk pillowcases to combat nightly skin and hair damage, but as a busy working mom, I don’t have time for such high maintenance and expensive fabrics.”


Nollapelli launched in 2019 with its first fabric, a patent-pending combination of natural and synthetic yarns in a unique dual-faced weave constructed to balance moisture, temperature, friction and pH. The durable linens are extremely soft and smooth, cool to the touch and two times more breathable than high-end cotton bedding, staying drier and wrinkling less.


Nollapelli initially served the high-end hospitality market at top hotels and spas across the country, including the Park Hyatt in New York City and the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles. In response to the pandemic, the brand began focusing on the direct-to-consumer bedding market.


Thanks to products that meet the moment, the company grew three times through the pandemic, as quality sleep and self-care are more important than ever. Howard is an entrepreneur to watch in 2022, and she will be recognized for the company’s growth at the upcoming Dealmakers Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on February 23, 2022.


The Nollapelli brand has appeared in Glamour, Martha Stewart Living, BuzzFeed, Conde Nast Traveler, and seen on ABC’s The View and a Good Morning America special spotlighting products made in the USA. The positive reception from the hospitality industry and consumers means more is planned for the booming company. Nollapelli products are proudly made in the USA, a rarity in the bedding industry.


“Looking ahead, expect to see more hotel and spa partnerships, collaborations with like-minded brands and new products that leverage textile technology for better sleep, skin and hair,” added Howard.

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