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New “Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team” Dream Championship Rating System

The Dream Championship 2022 is scheduled to be held this year (date undecided). In an effort to better review participation in the tournament, in addition to the existing methods, a brand new Rating System will be introduced and utilized in-game.

The new Rating System will calculate user rankings based on the monthly results of the Rank Matches, Cup Championship, and League Matches and the final top ranking users will be given the opportunity to participate in the Dream Championship 2022.

In addition to the rating system, the Online Qualifiers will be a direct method to participate in the Dream Championship 2022. Further details will be announced on the official website at a later date.

We hope that users continue to enjoy playing Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team and look forward to the Dream Championship 2022.

About Dream Championship

The Dream Championship is an official tournament for Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team hosted by KLab Inc. to decide who is the number one player in the world. Originally held in 2019, this tournament was designed in response to the players desire to face off against strong opponents.

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