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Tips and tricks to survive and win in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has finally released worldwide, and you know what that means. It’s time to jump into the fight! Do you have what it takes to win? In this article we’ll lay down our tips and tricks on how to get a good start in PUBG mobile, survive to eliminate your rivals and grab that delicious chicken dinner.

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How to get started as a game streamer

In recent years we’ve watched our favorite game streamers go from niche internet personalities to international superstars. And whether you’re hungry for fame or just want to have fun, it’s never been easier to become a streamer and put yourself out there playing the games you’re passionate about.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: starting tips and professions guide

Harry Potter Wizards Unite augmented reality game is now available to play in the UK and the US, and Potterheads in these countries are already embarking on their quests to protect the Wizarding world’s secrets. All the game mechanics and options in are wrapped up in Potterverse jargon, so we’ll explain what’s going on to help you have the best possible start.

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How to collect Pokémon in the Cloud with the Pokémon Home app

While the storyline often falls short in Pokémon, two things remain a highlight for players: swapping and collecting the little Pokémon. Now Nintendo’s subsidiary, The Pokémon Company, has released the Pokémon Home app, allowing you to collect Pokémon on mobile devices or Nintendo Switch in one place. Here’s how you sign up for Pokémon Home.

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How to play Pokémon GO at home and still catch ’em all

Growlithes romp around on the street, a Pikachu rides along in the train, and in the forest, we meet Seedots – with Pokémon GO we were lured outside. If you still want to participate in Raids or catch new pocket monsters, however, you can also do so from the comfort of your own home. We’ll show you how to enjoy the game despite the #stayhome situation.

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