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Mobile data not working on your Android smartphone? Here’s what to do

During those moments in everyday life where we are without Wi-Fi, and where we need access to the Internet at all costs to simply use our favorite apps, it is essential that mobile data (or cellular data) works properly. If not, it's a tragedy! Here are a whole bunch of tips, from the most obvious to the most technical, to try to solve the problem.

The first step is always to restart your smartphone

It may seem silly to remind you of this basic rule, but most problems encountered on a smartphone can be solved this way. It is therefore important to specify that the first reflex to have when a bug occurs, whatever it is, since it does not only concern the problem related to mobile data, is to turn your smartphone off and on again.

Could the problem be Google?

The problem may be related to Google applications. Follow the steps below to see if everything returns to normal.

Clear the application cache of Google Play services. Go to: Settings > Applications or Application Manager > Google Play Services > Clear Cache > OK.

Uninstall and reinstall updates from the Google Play Store. Go to: Settings > Applications or Application Manager > Google Play Store Application > Uninstall Updates > OK.

Check for system software updates that may be available.

Go to “Settings” and search for the “Accounts” section. Delete your Google Account, then add it again.

google play store delete cache

The problem may be related to Google Play services. / © NextPit

Consider resetting the APN

The APN constitutes all the connection information relating to a given network, according to an operator. Not all phones offer the same path to access the APN settings, but they are usually found in the “Mobile Data”, “Wireless Controls” or “Wireless & Networks” sections. Go to any menu variant you find and search for the names of the access points. Then press the menu icon and select “Restore Default Settings”.

Allow the use of mobile data for all apps

Most phones allow users to disable the use of data for specific applications. If, for some reason, the applications are on “Wi-Fi only”, you will need to go to “Data Usage” in the “Settings” application and search for applications with limited data access. It is up to you to make the settings to allow the data to be used for these applications.

Reset network settings

If after checking the first four options the problem persists, it may be network related. Resetting the network settings to factory default settings may be the answer to this problem. Go to your “Settings” and go to the “Backup and Reset” section. Select “Reset Network Settings” and follow the instructions.

Restore factory settings

If the problem is still not solved, we advise you to opt for a more radical solution by resetting the factory settings. This will erase all data from your phone and return all settings to the factory default settings. Your phone will be good as new. Software-wise, it will look exactly the same as the first day you turned it on.

This solves just about every software problem you might encounter. It is, therefore, the best solution, but it should be used as a last resort due to the deletion of all data. Resetting to factory settings is specific to each phone (or almost), but you can find our guide no how to do it at the link below.

How to factory reset your Android phone

samsung a9 factory reset

If the problem is still not solved, we advise you to reset back to the factory settings. / © NextPit

Asking for help in a shop

If all of the above steps have failed we advise you to seek professional help by contacting your phone manufacturer, your operator or possibly Google. You can always go into your local carrier store to ask the professionals for advice.

Other tips and tricks

If you know of any other tips to solve the puzzle of a mobile data problem, feel free to share them in the comments!


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