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Latest Chairside® Magazine Published by Glidewell Spotlights the Power of Mentorship in Adding New Services to the Dental Practice

Volume 16, Issue 3 of Chairside® magazine is now available in print and online at Topics include the power of mentorship and how to build a strong office culture. This edition also includes case studies that provide dentists with a deeper look at today’s most advanced clinical techniques and technologies.

“We’re excited to touch on the topic of mentorship in this issue,” said Bobbie Norton, managing editor of Chairside magazine. “Mentorship is a greatly underrated part of most businesses — and dentistry is no different. We want to give dentists the opportunity to see how finding the right mentor can improve clinical skills and confidence, while also showing the benefits of mentoring others.”

The featured Q&A is a joint effort spotlighting Drs. Stephanie Tilley and Timothy Kosinski, who speak on their professional relationship and how Dr. Kosinski’s mentorship has helped Dr. Tilley throughout her career. “When you find and mentor somebody special like Dr. Tilley, passing the baton to the next generation feels very rewarding,” said Dr. Kosinski. Mentorship is a major theme in this issue. “I’m not alone in acknowledging how a great mentor helped my career,” said Dr. Neil Park, editor-in-chief of Chairside magazine, regarding the publication’s overall goal.

Other topics related to practice management that are featured in this issue include preventing medicolegal complications to avoid litigation and creating a healthy office culture. “With dentistry facing an ongoing staffing crisis, maintaining and increasing the longevity of the existing team will have a more powerful impact,” said Dr. Roger Levin, founder and CEO of Levin Group, Inc.

This edition features articles that focus on esthetic, implant and digital dentistry, as well as case studies covering veneer preparation and temporization, implant bar overdentures, replacement of a maxillary first molar, and how to capture accurate digital impressions — all of which include free CE credits. Clinicians looking to add something new to their practice can also learn about the advantages of chairside CAD/CAM systems and dental sleep medicine.

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