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Secure IoT Device Updates Using and Azure IoT Hub (a solution) has released a new integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. is the market-leading OTA software updates management solution for connected devices.

Intended for IoT product managers, software architects and embedded developers, this new Azure integration offers provisioning of devices in the Mender server by automatically connecting them to Azure IoT Hub. The key benefit is that users can provision and manage devices from one “device-centric” web UI, reduce user complexity and minimize device-side credentials that need to be protected resulting in stronger security.

Azure Device Twins is also nested in so users can avoid making their own homegrown device portal for merging data. Instead, they can manage all of their device information through one simple Mender web interface, making it easier and more efficient. Users can also use for Azure IoT Hub-generated information to define software deployments.

When and Azure IoT Hub are combined, enterprise users get all the functionality needed to achieve secure device software lifecycle management through a single pane of glass. This includes the ability to update target devices in advanced ways including:

Update rollback in the event of an update failure
Phased rollout
Synchronized updates
Delta updates
Without the integration, a user would need to somehow find a way to transfer the credentials from the Azure backend to each and every device, making it a painful process, specifically when scaling up a device fleet.

Mender CTO Eystein Måløy Stenberg said of this integration: “It saves time and hassle by providing a single interface for device life cycle management and automatically provisioning devices to be ready to use, so you can focus on creating valuable services for your customers instead of building infrastructure.”

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