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Join our Tour Company for the premier public excursion and whale shark tour in La Paz

Enjoy your private whale shark tour and swimming with whale sharks with Baja Whale Shark in La Paz, Mexico. We are generally able to provide pick-ups from your hotels & resort. Exciting whale shark interaction, plus great photo opportunities on this whale shark tour.

United States, May 19, 2022: You want a memorable and adventurous journey. Then you landed at the right spot. We offer top-class and luxurious travel experiences to all our guests. Our guests enjoy premier excursions, live board exploratory and beachcombing with us. In addition, we plan a shared tour in our private yacht and charter. Thus, to experience the best adventure, book our premier whale shark tour and feel the thrill and adventure throughout the journey with us.


You will get snorkel gear, wet suits, kayaks, and paddleboards, an assist boat to explore the sea environment. Moreover, we provide reef-friendly sunscreen, bottled water, beer, and sodas. If you want to attain the best service on our yacht and charter, we make sure that each guest lives a luxurious moment. Our yacht has private bathrooms, fresh towels, and private showers. Thus, enjoy a premier whale shark tour with us. We take all our guests to the sea and ensure that each guest experiences the adventure of swimming with a whale shark. Moreover, we have been involved in several fun and adventurous activities, including kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba, beachcombing etc.


When we spot the whale shark, our marine biologist and snorkel leader will go first with the help of a support boat and then take our guests. Above all, do you want to explore the most biologically diverse marine environment? Then get ready to explore the Sea of Cortez. This is called the world aquarium and is popular for the diverse marine environment. You can enjoy snorkeling with sea lions, tropical fish and other rare creatures. Our reserve team is always available and administers the best services, and you can enjoy the delicious and mouth-watering snacks and cold drinks in an open bar during our premier whale shark tour.


Acquire more information about our service via the website In addition, you can connect to our team via call at 214-974-0501 and get the best resolutions.


The Baja whale shark is afamous tour company in the United States and offer premier whale shark tour in La Paz and Cabo.



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