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How to hide the Meet tab in the Gmail app

Google has recently integrated Google Meet into the Gmail app for both Android and iOS platforms. Learn how to hide the Meet shortcut in order to free up some visual space for your emails on your smartphone's or tablet's display.

The shortcut bar in the Gmail app may even be getting further cluttered in the future. Google might accommodate more of its services such as Google Chat (the successor to Hangouts) and Rooms here. Hence, we’ll also teach you how to hide (or show) the new shortcuts, just in case Google decides to tamper again with the app’s interface and clutters it up.

Removing the Meet tab in Gmail

With the Gmail app open, simply follow these steps as outlined:

Tap the ≡ menu button

Scroll to the bottom and select Settings

Choose the desired user account (you can use different settings for each profile)

Scroll down and uncheck “Show the Meet tab for video calling”

2021 06 21 Gmail Meet Chat EN 1

The option is listed near the bottom of the Settings screen / © NextPit

Once you have done so, the Gmail app will close and relaunch while featuring a larger viewing area to display your emails. Depending on the size of your device display, screen resolution, and display density, the app may display approximately one more email in place of the Google Meet shortcut.

2021 06 21 Gmail Meet Chat EN 2

Before (left) and after (center). You can also enable shortcuts to the Google Chat service (right) / © NextPit

Bonus: How to enable or disable the Google Chat tab

Following the same steps, you can also integrate Google Chat in the Gmail app. The option is labeled as “Show the Chat and Rooms tabs”. Unchecking the option disables the shortcut. So just in case Google displays the tab by default in the future, you know how to deactivate it already.


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