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How to do a screenshot on Android Wear

Looking for how to take a screenshot on your Android Wear smartwatch? Look no further, we have the solution here. It's actually a bit more complicated than taking a screenshot from a smartphone but fear not, it's still easy enough.

As Android Wear developed over time, Google’s developers decided to make it easier and more intuitive for you to take a screenshot from your smartwatch. The latest version of Android Wear not only optimizes the stability of the system but also its fluidity.

What you’ll need to take a screenshot on your smartwatch:

The latest Android Wear version on your smartwatch

The latest Android Wear version on your smartphone

Activate developer options on your smartphone once the build number appears in the About section.

How to take a screenshot on your smartwatch:

Once the latest Android Wear version is installed on both devices, the procedure to take a screenshot is quite simple: 

Launch the Android Wear app on your smartphone

Go to the Settings menu (accessible by pressing the three dots in the top right)

Select “Take wearable screenshot”

And that’s it!

AndroidPIT lg watch urbane 2nd 1163

Taking a screenshot on Android Wear is super easy! / © ANDROIDPIT

Once you’ve taken the screenshot, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. You can then share the screenshot and send it directly to other people through Bluetooth, Gmail, WhatsApp, etc. or it can be saved directly on the cloud.

Screenshots taken on your smartwatch are directly imported to your image gallery, usually under the name “screen.png”. All that’s left is for you to change the image name to whatever you want!


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