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How to access the Galaxy S10’s ultrawide-angle from WhatsApp

If you use a smartphone with multiple rear cameras, you'll notice that there's usually no option to switch from one lens to another when taking a photo from a particular app. This is also the case with the Galaxy S10, but there is good news: WhatsApp allows you to use the device's ultra wide-angle lens. Learn how in this article

No, it’s not a new button dedicated to the ultra wide-angle lens. But the method is simpler than you might think: once inside WhatsApp, every time we switch between the rear and front camera, the application alternates between the normal rear camera and the ultra wide angle camera. So, if you want to take a wide-angle photo from WhatsApp, if the app shows you the normal rear camera, you just have to go to the front camera, and back to the rear camera. When you return, the rear camera will have switched to the ultra-wide-angle lens. Want to take a normal picture again? Well, you switch to the front camera one more time, and when you return to the rear camera it will be switched to the ordinary lens. Easy!

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WhatsApp allows you to use more lenses than you thought! / © Alex Ruhl/Shutterstock

In addition, WhatsApp also allows you to change the viewing angle of the front camera. In the Galaxy S10, the camera app allows you to use a cropped view for selfies, or the full 80-degree field of view, and WhatsApp toggles between the two modes just as it does between the rear camera lenses.

This trick not only works on the Galaxy S10, but on any Samsung smartphone with an ultra wide-angle lens on the back, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work on other apps like Facebook or Instagram… Only in WhatsApp, for the moment.


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