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How often should you replace your phone: 5 important criteria

There are those people who like spicy food, or those who have a sweet tooth. Well, just like how people have different tastes in food, there are also different types of mobile users. So to answer the question of how often you have to change phones will depend on your taste and what kind of user you are.

1. It’s slower than a game of chess

It is a nightmare to turn on your smartphone and then have to wait an eternity for it to start. Or what about when the device takes a long time to respond to after a call? If you move from WhatsApp to Facebook and it feels like you’re watching grass grow, don’t think about it anymore and get a new mobile phone right now.

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2. Your version of Android is outdated

When the manufacturer of your device refuses to release a new system update, it’s a clear sign that you need to change your smartphone. An outdated phone is more vulnerable to attacks, as you’ll lose support for security updates and the apps you use the most.

3. The battery runs out in the blink of an eye

The battery in any electronic device has a certain lifespan. The more you use it, the more it’ll wear out over time. This is a ‘natural’ process. If the battery is wearing down, it’s a clear sign that you’ll need to replace the battery… but if you’ve reached that point, it’s easier just to buy a new phone.

4. You’re out of storage

If you’ve run out of space on your device it doesn’t mean you should run to the mall and buy a new smartphone. If you’ve run out of storage, you can save photos, videos, or install more apps by expanding the device’s internal memory or simply by cleaning and deleting files and applications you don’t use or need.

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5. Your photos are getting uglier

Not so pretty… / © NextPit

This might seen trivial to some, but for many people this will be a good enough reason to aim for a new smartphone. There’s a good reason why smartphones are leading to the extinction of digital cameras. It could be that your phone’s lens was scratched or bumped at some point, which can affect the quality of your photos and videos.


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