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Here’s how to revert back to the old Twitter design

Twitter has recently redesigned its web platform to make it more similar to its mobile counterpart, but there is a problem: lots of people hate its new look. If you are of the same opinion, you should know that we have found a way to get back to the old look quite easily.

Zusor, a freelance developer, has created GoodTwitter, a simple add-on for Chrome and Firefox that will bring you back to the old Twitter design. All you have to do is download the extension, refresh the page and… that’s it!

So far, GoodTwitter has been downloaded by almost 35,000 users, attracting enthusiastic reviews on Reddit. Unfortunately, the add-on is not yet available for Opera, which is why some are moving to port it from the Chrome version. The method has not yet been officially tested, so be careful what you install.

Of course, some have already expressed concerns about privacy. Since the question of “the extension spies our data” has been raised, the author of the added component has published the entire source code on GitHub, so as to be totally transparent. Of course, enjoy the old design as long as you can, because it is likely that Twitter will immediately try to prevent the use of similar extensions.

To download GoodTwitter you just have to choose between the Chrome or Firefox version and install it on your PC or Mac.


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