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Here’s how to record phone calls on Huawei/Honor phones with EMUI 9

Not all smartphones have the option of recording calls natively, not least because the recording of calls can only take place under certain conditions that differ from country to country. If, for any reason, you really need to record a phone call, now you can do so without root permissions on many of the latest Honor and Huawei phones!

We have to thank the very active community of XDA Developers, always active and ready to find solutions to any kind of problem or need of smartphone users. This time it is thanks to the arrival of Huawei P30 Pro that the user Zimperium has found a way to enable any Honor and Huawei smartphone equipped with EMUI 9 to record audio conversations.

EMUI and you: top tips for your Huawei or Honor phone

Huawei call recorder

Here is the button you were looking for. / © Xda Developers

How to record calls to Huawei/Honor without root

Huawei’s latest flagship natively features the feature, included by Huawei on smartphones updated to the new EMUI 9.1. Just install a simple APK file (safe and controlled by the XDA moderators) to see a button appear in the screen dedicated to phone calls of other models with EMUI 9 that will allow you to activate and stop the registration.

Download the APK from this link

Install it on your smartphone (here is the guide on how to install an APK file)

Restart your smartphone and the button will be magically available for use

Did you miss this service? Do you think Huawei should include a warning tone when recording starts to avoid recording without the other party’s knowledge?


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