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Globant Survey: Most Gamers Believe Metaverse Will Change the Gaming Industry Positively

A survey published by Globant, a software development firm, and Yougov, found that most gamers believe that metaverse will change the gaming industry in a positive way. The survey, which consulted the opinion of 1,000 PC, console, and mobile gamers, also found that most gamers are still uncomfortable with advertising on the metaverse and that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are still uncommon for metaverse gamers.

The sentiment of gamers toward metaverse tech and its influence on the future of the industry is changing to a more positive light. A new survey, titled “Metaverse Awareness Survey,” published by Globant, a software and tech company in partnership with Yougov, found out that gamers believe that the buzz around the metaverse is justified.

The survey, which touched on other metaverse-related subjects like NFTs, consulted 1,000 gamers about the importance of the metaverse for the interactive entertainment industry. More than half of the surveyed believe that metaverse and its tech will impact the sector, with 41% of this group stating it will do it in a positive way, with 25% disagreeing about this issue.

Advertising is also still seen badly by gamers in the metaverse, with only 35% being comfortable with advertising in these spaces. Only 44% would accept advertising in the metaverse if there was some kind of reward associated, like access to apps.

Through this survey, we see that although the development of the metaverse is still in its early stages, U.S. gamers already see the technology as capable of expanding the realm of possibility in gaming.

The survey seems to indicate there is still a disconnect between the metaverse and Web3 tech, as most gamers are still not comfortable regarding the use of cryptocurrencies or NFTs. The survey results indicate that 34% of the gamers were interested in managing cryptocurrency, while almost half of them had no interest at all in mixing crypto assets with gaming.

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