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DeNations Joins With detox., Releasing ‘Ice Chainz by detox.’ NFTs to Redefine Meta-Materialism

detox.” is releasing a gleaming set of NFTs called “Ice Chainz by detox.” on DeNations Art Chain. They have the first edition of digitalized necklace NFTs to release at the start of their journey, aiming to drop nine more editions subsequently for each “Ice Chainz” (a total of 80 NFTs). Aside from the glamorous look of the collection, profitable perks await the owners of these NFTs.

“Ice Chainz by detox.” seeks to find the bright side of modern materialism. Although the global crisis of COVID-19 has limited such materialism, the new era of metaverse allowed us all to explore the satisfaction from possessions. This means that with the help of virtual worlds that are emerging, owners of NFTs can dive into their desire towards alluring possessions in the metaverse. The exaggerated figures of accessories in “Ice Chainz by detox.” portray the Hip-Hop culture. It emphasizes materialism in order to express people’s desire for possessions in the new world. Therefore, the ownership of “Ice Chainz by detox.” NFTs will be accompanied by detox.’s insights into the relationship between materialism and the metaverse.

“detox.” is a project group led by Daniel Schine Lee and Hyun Joon Lee that focuses on the paradox behind the idea of detoxing. While the popular detox culture appeals to those who are willing to pay a little bit extra for the security of guilt-free consumption, “detox.” points out the double-sidedness of this detox culture. Concerning their own idea behind detoxing, “detox.” has held exhibitions in Seoul, South Korea.

DeNations Art Chain is a limited-edition of Art NFTs that are screened by the DeNations Art Committee. The value of these Art NFTs is supported by DeNations’ token economy and is also appreciated with time and public attention. When the DeNations Art Committee selects new artists, a series of DeNations Art NFTs are released. DeNations Art Chain seeks to build a sustainable ecosystem that enables talented artists to focus on producing their NFT artworks without worrying about complicated blockchain technologies. For the owners of the Art NFTs, they can enjoy the benefit of ‘Art Boosting’ and ‘Art Farming’ features of the DeNations Art Chain. When Art NFTs are attached to DeNations’ nation NFT, or register the Art NFT to the ‘Art Farming’, DeNations’ players will be able to claim and earn extra token rewards.

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