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Georgia Gorham-Brockman’s New Book ‘The Judge is Coming’ is an Inviting Exposition That Urges Everyone to Spiritually Prepare Themselves for the Coming of the Lord

Fulton Books author, Georgia Gorham-Brockman, a counselor and teacher of God’s Word with a master’s degree in Ministry under her belt, a widow, a mother of four grown children, two nieces and a nephew; has completed her most recent book “The Judge Is Coming”: a challenging piece that calls out people in America to wake up and follow the truth embedded in the Holy Word of God. The judgment day is coming and no one knows when it will be. Georgia Gorham-Brockman shares her God-given gifts to spread her spiritual wisdom through the publication of this book. She filled the pages of this manuscript with life-changing knowledge God has shared, in hopes to make a difference not just in the country but throughout the world.

Gorham-Brockman shares, “The warnings have gone out. The Judge is coming! Now is the time to decide one’s destination. The love of God is still flowing, but the day is coming when God’s grace and forgiveness will no longer be available. The Creator of the earth, and all it contains, will pour out His wrath on evil—banishing it forever. Do you know for sure where you will spend eternity? Be prepared when the Judge comes.”

Published by Fulton Books, Georgia Gorham-Brockman’s book is an evocative prose meant to forewarn readers of the judgment day. No one knows of the appointed time, but God continuously sends His messengers to warn and prepare His people.

This book might be one.

Readers who wish to experience this spiritual work can purchase “The Judge Is Coming” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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