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Ethereum Hashrate Taps an All-Time High Amid This Week’s Crypto Market Meltdown

Amid the crazy week in the world of cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin network’s mining difficulty reaching a lifetime high at 31.25 trillion, Ethereum’s hashrate tapped an all-time high on May 13, at block height 14,770,231. Cryptocurrency miners continue to dedicate large quantities of processing power toward the second-largest crypto network in terms of market capitalization.

The second-largest ether mining pool is F2pool with 155.35 TH/s and Poolin commands the third-largest share of Ethash with 121.69 TH/s. Other notable ethereum mining operations include (118.59 TH/s), (67.36 TH/s), and (59.77 TH/s).

Ethereum has more than 80 mining pools or operations dedicating hashrate to the blockchain using the proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm Ethash. It’s likely ethereum miners will continue to dedicate hashrate to the blockchain up until The Merge takes place.

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