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Santander to Offer Cryptocurrency Services in Brazil in the Coming Months

Santander, one of the biggest banking institutions in the world, has announced it will start offering cryptocurrency services in Brazil. Its CEO, Mario Leão, made the announcement in an interview with local media, stating that the company was still seeking the best way of getting into the cryptocurrency services market. Other banks and fintech organizations are already offering crypto services in the country.

Leão stated:

We expect in the next few months to have definitions about it, who knows in the next release of quarterly results, or even before.

Leão further recognized that the cryptocurrency market was “here to stay,” and that this move was more than just a reaction to other competitors entering the crypto market earlier. He explained that this was a move driven by the demand of the company’s users in the country and that Santander was studying the best way of getting into the crypto services market.

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