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Gens & Associates Extends Executive Lounge Membership

Gens & Associates, one of the most respected benchmarking and advisory firms in Life Sciences, is extending the value of its Executive Lounge to the regulatory community by offering membership beyond those organizations just participating in its benchmark studies or advisory services. Highly regarded for its World-Class Regulatory Information Management (RIM) benchmark studies, Gens & Associates has been delivering the industry high-value content and insights for more than 15 years.

By extending membership access to the Executive Lounge to a broader group of industry professionals, the firm offers the opportunity to join an active community of global biopharmaceutical, medical device, consumer and generic drug companies – and providers that serve them – to learn from each other and share regulatory practices. Participation not only ensures access to private content, research studies, market reports, and webinars, but members can actively influence the direction of Gens’ research and surveys. In addition, advisory time gives members the ability to collaborate with Gens’ senior expert team, which is at the forefront of regulatory trends and the insights behind the firm’s trusted RIM Benchmark data and its newest landmark quality study.

“Beginning in the fall of 2019, we began a by-invite-only Premier membership and during the summer of 2020, an Executive Lounge membership to select organizations to further build our community and benchmark services,” explained Steve Gens, Managing Partner, Gens & Associates. “We’ve realized that the larger and more diverse the membership is, the more ‘everybody gets better,’ which is our overarching mission. We’re now extending Executive Lounge membership so more organizations can benefit from the collaboration to increase their operational performance, but to also have a voice in our research to bring the regulatory community to the next level.”

Both software and service providers as well as industry organizations can join the Executive Lounge. Beyond the 10 years of research and insights, there are tools and materials that are specifically tailored to the audiences’ interests and business needs.

For industry organizations: Ability to access reference tools and materials to conduct peer analysis and business case development. There is information on leading practices to the path to become a high-performing organization as well as process maturity models and best-practice-based operating models.
For services and software providers: Ability to tap into market assessment reports, including trends, investment priorities, unmet needs, market share and customer satisfaction information, an innovation index, and total addressable market data.
For more information about the Executive Lounge and its benefits, please visit the website Membership page or watch the Executive Lounge Membership Summary video.

About Gens & Associates

Gens & Associates is a boutique life sciences management and organizational consultancy. The firm specializes in strategic planning for performance improvement, industry benchmarking, regulatory information management, and organizational transition management. Gens’ expert team works with life science company leadership and project teams to accelerate change and realize value.

Its mission is to help all stakeholders in the regulatory ecosystem accelerate operational performance, increase efficiency and organizational agility to shorten approvals of effective new therapies and contribute to medicine affordability. This is done through strategic leadership, enhancing industry standards, collaboration and deep insights derived from a recognized research platform that bring precision to identify the most effective changes and outcomes.

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