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IIE Selects Simplain Vendor Portal SaaS Solution for Streamlining Supplier Collaboration

Simplain Vendor Portal will serve as one of the core systems powering IIE's, a global not-for-profit organization, digital transformation initiatives

Simplain Software Solutions LLC (Simplain) announces that the Institute of International Education (IIE) has selected Simplain Vendor Portal SaaS platform StreamCollab to streamline it supplier collaboration as part of its digital transformation strategy. IIE will use the Simplain Vendor Portal platform as a Self Service Supplier portal to streamline collaboration activities with its vendor partners around the world.


Cheryl Roberts, Corporate Controller at IIE, said, “We are looking forward to partnering with Simplain to streamline and automate several vendor-related processes with Simplain’s Vendor Portal solution. The sleek design and intuitive workflow should help us accelerate our modernization and digital transformation initiatives for IIE and our vendors.”


Established in 1919, IIE is a global not-for-profit that creates and implements international education programs, conducts research, and provides life-changing opportunities for students and scholars worldwide. The Institute of International Education (IIE) is the leader in designing and implementing international education strategies and program services. IIE works with governments, policymakers, educators, and employers across the globe to prepare students and professionals for the global workforce and equips them to solve the increasingly complex challenges facing our interconnected world. With support from donors, IIE also creates initiatives that assist students, scholars, and artists whose lives and work are threatened; expand teaching and learning across cultures; and provide opportunities to underserved populations. A not-for-profit organization founded in 1919, IIE has a network of 17 offices and affiliates worldwide and over 1,600 higher education partners.


“We are honored to be selected by IIE to implement IIE a self-service supplier portal using our platform. IIE, being a non-profit organization offering international educational services, will be using specific modules in the Simplain Vendor Portal platform to address their unique challenges. Simplain is excited about this opportunity to work with IIE towards a successful implementation,” said Sanjaye Elayattu, founder and President, Simplain. 


Founded in 2007, California-based Simplain Software Solutions LLC offers a cloud-based Simplain Vendor Portal platform, branded as StreamCollab. Simplain Vendor Portal is already being used by several leading grocery and discount retailers and wholesalers to streamline several vendor collaboration activities such as New Vendor Registration, Item Management, Cost Management, Deals & Promotions Management, PO Management and Invoice Management. By deploying Simplain vendor portal, Simplain’s customers benefit from improved data quality, increased productivity, better operational speed and improved supplier relationships. The software provides API-based integration features, allowing it to be integrated with the backend ERP systems.

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