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Rumors Claim Large Bitcoin Wallet Is a Whale’s Stash or Microstrategy’s Wallet Despite Conflicting Data

Five months ago, News published a story concerning the speculation surrounding the third-largest bitcoin wallet, as many observers believe the address is a mega whale. The report noted at the time that the address “1P5ZED” shows all the tell-tale signs that it’s an exchange platform, but to this very day speculators still assume and still publish odd conjecture on why they think “1P5ZED” is a massive bitcoin whale.

‼️I just realized that you’re a moron.

There is an almost 100% chance that both addresses in your article, both 1P5ZED and 1FzWLk, belong to Gemini.

While most of the top bitcoin addresses are labeled as exchanges, people continue to hype things up in the crypto media as if this is a mystery bitcoin whale. The fact is the wallet is most likely, with almost a 100% guarantee, a well-known exchange that has not been labeled as a trading platform. Although, as long as the third-largest bitcoin address remains unflagged, it will be open to interpretation and conjecture.

Do you think “1P5ZED” is a random whale address or do you think it belongs to an exchange? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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