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Garage Door Service & Repair Inc. Explains the Paradox of High Demand and Low Supply

The global supply chain crisis due to Covid-19 has seriously affected the garage door repair industry, caused huge delays and pushed the prices up, to the full disappointment and frustration of the customers. Garage Door Service & Repair Inc. explains that since the beginning of the pandemic, people started investing in various home improvements but the supply is slow and the parts are expensive.

“Due to Covid-19, we’ve seen many shutdowns and operations suspended,” says Thomas Wang, the CEO of Garage Door Service & Repair Inc. “We’ve heard of people laid off and many quarantined. Health comes before anything else and so, we all took measures. The entire supply chain is shaking. There are not enough garage door parts. If we cannot deliver, customers cannot get.”

The struggles of the global supply chain affected all local garage door companies. Many industries are involved in the manufacturing of aluminum, glass, and wooden products – anything from garage doors to springs. With the pandemic slowing or suspending businesses, the delays are unavoidable. The prices went up in the steel and wood industries – just to name two. Consequently, the garage door prices went up too.

“People in the market for new garage door cables or springs because theirs are old or broken have a difficult time finding replacements. And they believe it’s our fault. Naturally, we totally relate to them and stand by their side, but we must say it’s not the fault of the companies. It’s not just that there’s a shortage of garage door parts but also problems in the shipping industry. Since the prices went up, even those who get garage door spring replacements, for example, have to pay double the price and wait double the time.”

The paradox is that due to Covid, people invest in home improvements, replacing and repairing their garage door. “This is the problem,” said Wang. “Due to Covid, many people work at home and invest back in their home. We get many orders but since there’s a problem with the supply chain, there’s delay. The more the delay, the more orders pile up, causing extra delay. And when, finally, people get their garage doors, sometimes, parts are missing.”

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