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Revience Expands with Enhanced Home Systems

Revience Corporation has recently acquired home automation and security company Enhanced Home Systems (EHS) along with the accompanying division,

 Revience Corporation has recently acquired home automation and security company Enhanced Home Systems (EHS) along with the accompanying division, Engaged Electric. As Revience becomes a growing network for homeowners, designers, and contractors, this acquisition is a key differentiator.


“As EHS evolved, I wanted to hand it over to someone who would bring energy and passion into a fast-changing landscape,” says Greg Nelson, previous owner of EHS. “We wanted a company that could capitalize on smart home trends and leverage other solutions in response to customer demand.”


For over 30 years, EHS has delivered innovative, state-of-the-art technological solutions in the Twin Cities metro and several markets across the U.S. They provide advanced security systems, smart home technology, home theater design and installation, lighting control systems, home network technology, and energy management solutions. 


The Engaged Electric division provides the high voltage electrical solutions for a complete single-source offering in-home technologies. Both brands remain current on the latest trends and technologies and provide cutting-edge solutions so homeowners can enjoy the comfortable, functional space they deserve. 


One emerging area of expertise? Handling disruptive power outages. “We are investing in and expanding the backup power systems with Lithium-Ion battery backup systems for residential homes,” noted Kurt Gonyea, President of Revience Corporation. “With our growing reliance on smart home technologies, there’s a constant need to be connected for basic features in our homes to function, including garage doors and door locks. Nowadays, we can’t light a few candles; we need reliable backup power systems.”


Where Beauty and Technology Meet 


This recent acquisition strengthens Revience’s ability to provide customizable solutions. Partnered with their recent acquisition of Vetsch Custom Cabinetry, there’s an exciting opportunity for the three brands to create integrated designs.


Gonyea is visibly passionate about technology’s role in the home, “As we spend more time at home, there’s a demand to help people use their spaces more effectively—integrating beautiful, functional designs. If you’re going to spend 62% of your time there, you should enjoy it,” noted Gonyea.   


And for the energy-conscious, inventive home energy management systems help you understand where you’re consuming energy. It also provides green alternative battery power solutions. You can adjust your lifestyle to reduce energy consumption and manage the amount of energy you use on the grid versus battery power.  


To Enjoy Life 


Revience, whose name translates to “to enjoy life,” is working diligently to live up to its name. Their expertise means your home design aligns with your lifestyle, priorities, and wishes, from energy efficiency to beautiful kitchen lighting. And their one-stop-shop set-up eliminates the need to source solutions from multiple companies. 


“Busy homeowners need expert answers in one cohesive place,” said Gonyea. “Our team helps Twin Cities residents make the most of their home, so they can enjoy it for years to come.” 

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