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ZYNC, creator of the first intelligent payor portal gateway built for healthcare, is pleased to announce a new milestone in customer enrollments.

ZYNC, creator of the first intelligent payor portal gateway built for healthcare, is pleased to announce both a new milestone in customer enrollments and the launch of its newly redesigned website.

“ZYNC has experienced tremendous growth in the past 18 months, adding more than 100 new hospital customers,” said Jason Thomas, co-founder and head of business development. “With 100 percent customer retention since our founding, it’s clear that ZYNC’s unique approach to automating payor portal access has resonated with health systems of all sizes across the country. Thanks to ZYNC’s groundbreaking solutions, our customers’ user community wins, their RCM leadership wins, and IT security wins.”

ZYNC’s ROI calculator demonstrates dramatic savings for health systems that employ its payor portal technology. A prestigious, highly ranked teaching hospital in the Southeast now realizes operational savings at a rate of more than three times the cost of using the ZYNC solution. “Most health systems would be thrilled with an ROI of 333 percent on any piece of hardware or software,” Thomas pointed out.

The new website, features a streamlined, modern design, improved functionality, and easy access to essential information to help current and future clients understand the advantages of ZYNC’s must-have technology solutions.

Among those advantages are the ability to:

Manage portal access — all in one spot
Remove unnecessary portal users
Manage access levels by facility
Obtain clear and concise reporting to ensure the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe
Revenue Cycle Management is an ongoing challenge for healthcare providers, who are continuously looking for ways to improve their efficiency. But being more efficient means more than saving money. It also saves team members time and anxiety. Staff are able to work more efficiently with ZYNC’s Payor Portal Access, which gives them secure access to ALL payor portals with a single application, automates manual tasks, and enhances healthcare IT security.

“Our dedicated group has created groundbreaking solutions designed to automate manual tasks and enhance healthcare IT security,” said Bo Hamrick, president and founder of ZYNC. “We understand that technology is constantly evolving, so we strive to stay ahead of the curve by developing innovative products that help your organization grow in this digital age. We invite you to visit our new website and see how our software can streamline processes, lower costs, and increase efficiencies. It’s more important than ever to embrace the innovative solutions that can help you achieve your goals today and in the future.”

About ZYNC

ZYNC creates optimal efficiency in Revenue Cycle Management by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. We also offer healthcare providers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are completely secure from access to ePHI by former or unauthorized current employees.

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