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ERP Expert Shawn Windle Advises Newer Cloud-Based Applications Are Not Always the Obvious Choice Over Upgrading Legacy Products

On Thursday, Feb. 10, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, The ERP Advisor Podcast hosted ERP Advisors Group’s Founder and Managing Principal, Shawn Windle, and Principal Operations, Erica Windle, also his wife, for a discussion on dumping your legacy software for a nicer, younger ERP system.

Watch the full webinar here.

Shawn and Erica Windle dove into the benefits and struggles of updating to a cloud-based ERP system. Mr. Windle said, “While you may think migrating to a younger, more attractive application seems like the right thing to do, remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.” Adding to that struggle, “You really need to look at the users and accurately gauge their willingness to change. If it’s there, then yes, it may be time.”

In turn, Mrs. Windle reviewed the main reason for the implementation of these new systems from a sales and operations standpoint, indicating “The software was implemented a long time ago when the company was very different and now, they have new business lines or new locations, or they’ve done acquisitions of different companies. And so, the software platform is not really flexible enough to easily accommodate those new elements that need to be automated with their current business scene.”

Watch the complete interview here.

The full conference call is available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast providers.

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