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Sports Gambling Podcast Network Partners with Colorcast, Brings Sports Betting Analysis to Live Games

Austin-based, Colorcast, and Las Vegas-based, Sports Gambling Podcast Network (“SGPN”), have entered a partnership agreement to expand Colorcast’s premium content offering to include prime time broadcasts by SGPN’s podcast hosts.

Colorcast is a Social Sports Talk App that allows anyone, anywhere, with no equipment, to commentate on live sports, before, during, and after the game. Beyond the option to “choose your own commentator,” Colorcast provides users with stats, scores, betting odds, and other real-time information about the game. Casters and listeners can interact via text chat or via the “Hot Seat,” where listeners are actually brought onto the microphone and given the chance to ask questions or share their own hot sports takes.

SGPN is a sports podcast network specializing in sports betting content. SGPN’s flagship podcast, The Sports Gambling Podcast, is hosted by Sean Green, a Philly area native, and Ryan Kramer, a New Jersey native who bring over 40 years of Sports Gambling experience to a nationwide audience on a weekly basis.

“The partnership just makes sense,” stated Colorcast CEO, Evan Kirkham. “Our community is demanding more and more sports betting content. Partnering with SGPN allows us to deliver both quantity and quality sports betting analysis during live events in a way that no other sports network or platform is doing.”

SGPN’s Co-Founder, Ryan Kramer, echoed Kirkham’s enthusiasm: “This is a really special opportunity for our podcast hosts and listeners. We’ve gotten pretty good at talking about odds, props, and parlays before and after the game, but with Colorcast, we’ll be able to connect with our audience during the games.” He continued, “the existing sports networks are underserving the sports betting market. Fans, casual bettors, and sharps all want to know what the betting experts are thinking while the action is unfolding. We’re delivering that experience on Colorcast.”

As part of the partnership, SGPN will also be creating short-form audio content (“Hot Takes”) on topics ranging from “What are the odds the Lakers make the playoffs” to “Which NFL team will Aaron Rodgers play for in 2022?” Kirkham continued, “Attracting sports bettors and sports betting content is high priority for Colorcast and partnering with SGPN is undoubtedly a move in the correct direction.”

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