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Cummings Graduate Institute Launches New Online Master’s Program in Healthcare Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed significant barriers to healthcare access. Needs for system improvements and reinvention have never been more critical to population health sustainability. Gaps in training programs persist, despite the imperative for healthcare leaders to address growing gaps in healthcare delivery. In an effort to deliver the education and training that integrated care leaders and managers need now, Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI) is launching a new degree program that expands the university’s learning framework and creates opportunities for students to strengthen their career value while preparing to successfully lead cultural change in healthcare.

The new Master of Healthcare Leadership (MHL) degree program delivers advanced training in leading and managing integrated healthcare delivery. The MHL program will prepare students to transform healthcare settings using firm foundations in population health management, strategic thinking, critical analysis, and innovative change-management. The Master of Healthcare Leadership curriculum prepares graduates to:

effectively collaborate with multi-modality leadership
create a transformational culture around person-centered care
deliver evidence-based change management and leadership efficiency
quantify quality, risk management, and cost containment
design cost-effective population health approaches and improvements
create a holistic culture of care with a focus on the Quadruple Aim
“Healthcare systems are under more pressure than ever to meet the needs of more patients, many of whom are un- or under-insured, by creating new delivery models – all while managing the demands of more technology, information, costs, and lower provider pay. It’s a recipe for disaster. We must level-up the education and training of healthcare leaders who can achieve true systemic improvements. CGI’s new MHL program delivers just that,” said Dr. Cara English, DBH, CEO of Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies. “CGI’s Master of Healthcare Leadership program is 100% online, flexible, and takes advantage of cutting edge educational delivery best practices. The information we’ve packaged in this 30 credit hour program will enable entrepreneurially minded integrated care professionals to drive ethical and innovative solutions to challenges facing today’s healthcare environments.”

CGI will welcome their first MHL cohort in Fall 2022. Admissions applications are currently being accepted. Interested students can apply at To learn more about the Master of Healthcare Leadership (MHL) degree program visit:

About Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI)

Cummings Graduate Institute of Behavioral Health Studies is a nonprofit, DEAC accredited, online post-graduate institution of higher learning offering post-graduate education and training in the field of integrated behavioral healthcare. CGI is focused on meeting the healthcare industry’s need for a highly-skilled workforce to support an integrated approach to addressing patients’ needs. To learn more, visit:

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