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Author Mike Farrell’s New Audiobook ‘Dismissed: Lessons Learned From Sin Addiction

Recent audiobook release "Dismissed: Lessons Learned from Sin Addiction" from Audiobook Network author Mike Farrell is a powerful

Mike Farrell, a Marine Corps veteran, husband, father, and student of the Bible, has completed his new audiobook “Dismissed: Lessons Learned from Sin Addiction”: an incredible true tale of the healing power of faith and how one man overcame his sinful ways.


“It is in honesty and humility that I share with you my willingness to face the truth of who I was, regardless of how unpleasant my perspective and actions may be to you,” shared Farrell. “Honesty before God and this court of public opinion requires the most fundamental risk of faith I can take serving a God that is good, a God who loves me unconditionally, and a God who provides a road of redemption—it is of utmost importance. I truly learned the meaning of repentance and remission—the hallmarks of salvation—through this ordeal.


“In taking this risk, I have rediscovered my dignity and my faith, to bring truth to myself, just as I am and where I am, and to give warning to my friends, family, and fellow Christians. My story is one that cost me much in the eyes of men, yet I have been able to gain a new profound strength in the Lord; I would have never been able to recognize his goodness had this ‘unfortunate incarceration’ not happened. For me to share my story, giving warning to other men (sons, brothers, husbands) and to their companions (siblings, spouses, pastors, friends), I have come to realize this is the most dignified thing I can do with the life I have been granted by God. I want to sound the alarm, give warning, provide encouragement, and offer a way to redemption based on the truth of Scripture.”


Published by Audiobook Network, author Mike Farrell’s new audiobook is not only a true story but an insightful tool for those who have lost their way to sin. Providing details from how he climbed out of the lowest place he’s ever been, Farrell hides nothing as he bares his soul to listeners and in the hopes that his story may change the course of even one person’s life.


Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Dismissed: Lessons Learned from Sin Addiction” by Mike Farrell through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 


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