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Apex Mobile Media Announces Acquisition of Neptune Platform

Apex Mobile Media announced today the completion of its acquisition of Neptune, a cloud-based full-service Creative Management Platform/Ad: The core function of the Software is to provide a unified solution that allows for the intake of creative files, including but not limited to, HTML, JPG, PNG, or GIF and output a unique Ad Tag that clients can use across any third-party programs in digital advertising. The Software consolidates all data collected from the Ad Tag with internally built algorithms, to provide full reporting on every aspect of the creative for clients. Neptune handles all current creative formats, such as Standard Banners, Rich Media, VAST/VPAID, DAAST, while also integrating custom Macros and Variables, allowing Apex Partners and clients to take full advantage of the creative execution(s) and reporting process.

This acquisition solidifies Apex’s commitment to provide leading digital advertising business solutions and management capabilities to its customers and partners. The benefits of easily accessing and the deployment of creative and data across platforms in a seamless workflow creates significant operational efficiencies for clients and partners. This has become increasingly important as marketers continue to diversify their advertising investments across the available digital products within the Apex portfolio. These added capabilities position Apex for tremendous growth.

Apex will absorb two key Toronto-based employees as part of the acquisition which closed on Dec. 31, 2021. Brendan Clark will join Apex as Director of technology and Aaron Merlino as Sr. Engineer. “We have been working with the Neptune team and have been using the platform since its creation; the acquisition was something we had been discussing over the last year or so and finally the conditions aligned for both parties to make it a reality,” said Walder Amaya, CEO & Cofounder of Apex Mobile Media.

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APEX Mobile Media is a leading mobile marketing solution company that delivers unparalleled end-to-end digital advertising services to brands and agencies in Canada and specializes in providing brands with a premium and transparent mobile advertising experience.

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