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ZetrOZ Systems Presenting on SAM Effectiveness Data

New research demonstrates how sustained acoustic medicine (SAM) accelerates healing and recovery from soft tissue injury common in college and professional sports

 More than 200,000 college athletes are injured every year, with more than half being soft tissue injuries. This spring, Dr. George Lewis, founder and CEO of ZetrOZ Systems,  will present new research on the effectiveness of ZetrOZ’s Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) wearable ultrasound device on soft-tissue injuries at a series of sports medicine symposiums with physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.


Lewis and the ZetrOZ team will be attending conferences in Birmingham, Ala.; Charlotte, N.C.; Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis; Jacksonville, Fla.; Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Tampa, Fla.


The ZetrOZ team will present new clinical data from 2021 on sam® and soft tissue injury healing, including sports-related muscle and tendon injuries, using sam® to stimulate tissue remodeling and return athletes to competition, and using sam® to prevent injury for the treatment of chronic or past-injury sites.


“When you’re participating in physical activity, the risk of injury is always possible,” Lewis said. “Independent research conclusively shows that sam® speeds the rate of healing from those injuries and gets them back to practice and competition. Getting our word out to the health care providers who work in sports medicine can elevate the standard of care for athletes at all levels.”


ZetrOZ’s sam® is the only FDA-cleared, long-duration, home use, pain relief ultrasound device and is designed for easy daily use as necessary. More than 30 peer-reviewed studies have found it to be an innovative and effective treatment to relieve pain, restore function, and return patients back to sports and other daily activities. Its low-intensity continuous ultrasound therapy treats deep tissue injuries by inhibiting inflammation and increasing the rate of tissue regeneration, angiogenesis, and nutrient exchange. 


A recent critical review of over 100 elite sports medicine health care providers in Atlanta found:


93% of athletes responded to sam® in less than two weeks.

85% use sam® for two to eight hours per day

82% of health care providers were able to reduce patients’ need for oral pain medication

87% of athletes who had shown no improvement after conservative physical therapy made notable improvements with sam® therapy.

50% of those athletes returned to sport after two weeks of sam® treatment

For those who have experienced an injury, medical providers can prescribe sam® using a simple form available at Patients typically undergo treatment for four to eight weeks, and each treatment includes the sam® device and five to eight packs of ultrasound coupling patches.

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