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Xeno Holdings Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement With Nextrans

As part of the agreement, XENO Holdings and Nextrans will join forces to search for global new start-ups and make joint investments including Vietnamese market. They will do this by leveraging their respective capabilities to support the development of new investments.

Alan Miller, President of XENO Holdings said, “XENO Holdings is thrilled to partner with Nextrans. We believe that the partnership will unlock the huge potential of the Vietnamese market. At the same time, it will increase cross-border investment by leveraging our global presence.”

Founded in 2020, XENO Holdings has invested in numbers of start-ups including XENO NFT Hub. XENO NFT Hub is leading the NFT market by offering a comprehensive NFT marketplace where entertainers, artists and brand owners can easily issue, list and trade NFTs.

Nextrans has supported more than 100 startups around the world since 2004 and started investment in Vietnam startups from 2015.


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