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World of Music and Dance Institute: Ballroom dance classes Dubai and Ballet dance Abu Dhabi

WMDI established in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which provides several art classes to all age groups. They offered dance, music and vocal and instrument classes to all their patrons.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 1, 2021: Music and Dance Institute of UAE offered several art classes such as dance, music, vocal and instrument. The art classes of WMDI are available for all age groups. You are a kid or an oldie; WMDI welcome you all, where you will get a chance to embrace your art skills and talents. They are a prominent and well-recognized institute of music and dance where all the trainers are well specialized and had served long years in the art industry.


The primary purpose behind establishing this organization is to enable art classes for every household at an affordable cost. We ensure that each art lover gets a platform to polish his or her skills. We believe in transforming passion into professionals and encourage students to follow their passion and love for art.


Join our academy for the best Ballroom dance classes in Dubai and Ballet dance Abu Dhabi and embrace your dance skills with our professionals’ dancers and artist. Besides art classes, they offered Yoga classes to all age groups for better health and mind. We knew that Yoga offered several benefits such as boost immunity promote better health, and prevent illness. 


WMDI is a prominent institute of Abu Dhabi highly remarkable for all kinds of classes. From dance to vocal lessons, you will get all under the roof of WMDI. WMDI is a one-stop solution for all your art needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best seat in WMDI and embrace your art skills and talents. At, WMDI all our professionals help students know their abilities and talents and help them achieve their dreams. 


Visit the company website grab more information about the courses and classes. You can coordinate with our spokesperson on phone number 971543456501 or otherwise send mail to to get a reference.

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