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WhatsApp: how to block unsolicited group invitations

The feature to block unsolicited group invitations is finally being deployed, as we first heard last week. WhatsApp thus improves an existing feature that protects you from spam from your supposed friends.

How to block unsolicited group invitations

A group for the family, a group for co-workers, then the group for the neighbor’s birthday. There are more and more groups these days. But it is not only the constant arrival of mostly useless information that is annoying in these WhatsApp groups. Especially in the latter case, it happens quickly that your number and profile photo is suddenly shared with strangers without having given any consent. To avoid this, WhatsApp has added a new filtering function for groups. It replaces an older filter.

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Last week, the function had already been revealed, and it is now available on our smartphones. As early as April of this year, the blocking of group invitations was introduced. But now, blocking offers more choice. The “Person” option has been added to Settings → Account → Privacy → Groups.

androidpit groups

WhatsApp has added a new option to avoid being annoyed / © NextPit

Feature enhancements are available with versions 2.19.298 for Android and for iOS on your smartphones.

Will you be using this feature to block the barrage of group invitations coming in?


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