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Wang Meng’s Commentary in MIGU Video Being World-famous, Ice and Snow Culture Promotion a Great Success

By February 20, China has achieved its best-ever results with 9 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals at the Winter Olympics.

 By February 20, China has achieved its best-ever results with 9 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals at the Winter Olympics. Chinese winter sports athletes are rapidly building a strong force as a new history. As one of the official broadcasters of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, China Mobile MIGU aims to drive “300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” and promote the spirits and culture of winter sports.


It is worth mentioning that China’s commentary in event broadcast has been showing an outstanding performance at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The commentary of Wang Meng, the four-time Olympic Champion, has been headlining China’s major social and mainstream media on MIGU video for days. In the commentary of the short-track speed skating competitions, she created a number of nationwide popular quotes and various memes widely spread.


On Weibo, the hashtag #WangMengCommentary has attracted 2.68 billion reads and 200 to 300 million related reads. “Not only are sports fans watching, but even people who didn’t pay much attention to the Winter Olympics before are attracted by Wang Meng’s commentary,” said Liu Jianhong, a notable Chinese commentator. Wang Meng’s commentary has also attracted a large number of overseas audiences. On social media, the golden verses of Wang have been reposted by many users.


As a very important part, MIGU is committed to creating an excellent commentary lineup. During this Winter Olympics, MIGU has invited over 150 guests from all walks of life, including the legendary commentator Song Shixiong, the Olympic champions such as Li Jianrou, Zhou Yang and Chen Lu, as well as the renowned director Ying Da (whose son, Ying Rudi, is a member of the China men’s national ice hockey team), to serve more diversified perspectives to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. As of February 18, MIGU has accumulated more than 445 trending hashtags with an overall exposure of nearly 46 billion. In addition, MIGU has also applied technologies of 5G+4K/8K, HDR Vivid, 5G+VR/XR, automated subtitles with AI and Ultra HD technology to the Winter Olympics. Meet GU, a digital avatar of athlete Eileen Gu, created by MIGU, made her debut during Winter Olympics. Meet Gu made skiing event commentary, broadcasts and virtual interaction in e-commerce programs, even when athlete Gu was competing.


Winter sports are still a niche in China though, winter sports are seeing a new wave of growth with the Beijing Winter Olympics. While the successful bid to host the Winter Olympics has fueled the popularity of winter sports in China, the successful holding of the Winter Olympics undoubtedly ushers in a new wave of winter sports in China. With the strong performance of Chinese athletes at the Games and the impetus gained from major organizations, including video platforms, further participation in snow and ice sports will be encouraged, fueling China’s booming “ice-snow economy

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