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UNO Marine, the Best Marine Fuels With High Quality Standards to Navigate Safely

The maritime industry faces the great challenge of using less polluting fuels for maximizing environmental protection, limiting sulfur oxides emissions from vessels. Heading towards a more sustainable planet, UNO Marine offers you quality fuels which offers a safer way to navigate.

Entering the new era of zero emissions, UNO Marine has made available fuels that are ISO 8217: 2010 quality, with residual fuel oil grade IFO 380% 3% and LS MGO distillate, which are ideal for ships with scrubbers (systems for the purification of atmospheric emissions).

UNO Marine operates under excellence canons, having the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the technology used and in compliance with the most demanding international standards. It also has the logistics and equipment to supply fuel to commercial ships, cruise ships and the military. UNO Marine operates mainly in Honduras, adhering, with its products and services, to the international standards of the maritime industry.

“Our effort and commitment have made us worthy of the trust, hearts and preference of our consumers, for our innovative business model in which the customer is the center of the entire operation,” said Basem Nassar, manager of UNO Marine.

UNO Marine is a team of highly trained, organized and motivated professionals to provide a service of excellence. The company supplies fuel to all types of vessels in Puerto Cortés and other ports in the country: Roatán, Puerto Castilla and San Lorenzo.

UNO Marine is a corporate member of IBIA (International Bunker Industry Association). Some of its important clients are: Caribbean Feeder Services, Crowley, Seaboard, Chiquita, Dole, Royal Caribbean and US Coast Guard.

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