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Top 10 List Of Best Pay Per Call Networks For Publishers In 2022

As time passes new type of advertising methods pop up, pay per call networks are might new to you but it is not.

Becuase of these advertising networks making money online becomes easier for everyone, whether it is a company, advertiser, or publisher.

If you do google then you will find lots of networks claiming that they are the best pay paper call networks but not all of them are the best.

You don’t have to spend time searching for new networks when you are already landed on this page. In this article you will find the best pay per call networks for publishers, that generates high revenue, is legit, have good customer support, high rated, and many more.

Pay Per Call network is an advertising network that allows publishers to share a call number with their visitors to make calls to gain the service or make purchasing, on every lead publishers do earn money from it.

It is a new type of marketing method but it is considered one of the highly effective methods of marketing, as it generates more affective leads in comparison to any other method. You don’t have to the website for that for sure, but having a website or channel may help you at very large.

You can advertise on google ads or Facebook, or in any group as you will and where you will do. You get an affiliate number which you have to use to share with your viewers, every time a viewer uses your number to contact the advertiser and generates a lead for you then you will get the % of commission from it.

Finding top pay-per-call networks on google is not hard because every site claims that hence finding out the best of them is a bit hard and that’s why you are here, right?

So let’s check out the list of best pay-per-call networks.

Publishers on MarketCall made out more than 90 million USD by promoting them. It was founded in 2015 in Canada, it has headquarters in Canada, the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

As a publisher getting selected by MarketCall is a bit tough, as they go through application by application, checking each application properly and then choosing the best from them.

The area they target is Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Credit Repair, TV & Internet, Home Services, and Flight Booking. Publishers will get an advanced dashboard where they can manage their promotional campaigns and calls.

If you can look for the best pay per call networks then they also look for the best publishers.

Average Commission: $10 to $200

Payment Methods: Bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, and check

Minimum Payout: $100

Aragon Advertising was launched backed in 2012 and to date, they have partnered with many branded companies like Instacart, Rakuten, Trim, Acorns, Drop, etc.

It is one of the best ad networks because of its award-winning performance. The area they target is tax debts, life insurance, household services, legal advice, wildlife control senior & health insurance, and more.

It is a NY, the United States-based registered company. The publisher selection process might bit long as they chose publishers on a quality basis.

Average Commission: $5 to $100

Payment Methods: Paypal and Wire Transfer

Minimum Payout: $100

Astoria is a bit different from other networks. In other ad networks, you have to register on their platform and log in to get promotional tools but here on Astoria, you have to submit a form or call the company to join as a publisher.

It is ranked in Inc 5000, targeting multiple areas like Payday loans, Online college degrees, Mortgages, Lawyers, domain parking, insurance, etc.

Astoria is not available in every country but is available in only limited countries.

Average Commission: $5 to $40

Payment Methods: Wire Transfer

Minimum Payout: $100

They also actively join different events and seminars. These are some reasons why they have a large basket of 2000+ advertisers.

Joining them is very easy in comparison to other websites mentioned above. You will get your manager who will help you in any need.

To join you have to submit a form, the manager will ask some questions, and once you gave a satisfactory answer your account will get activated.

The area they serve is Dating, E-commerce, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Mobile Subscriptions, Gambling, and Download.

Average Commission: $5 to $50

Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Paypal, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney

Minimum Payout: $100 (NET15)

Once you apply as a publisher on Ring partner they will take 48 hours to reply to your submission. If you got approved then you will be allowed to get logged in.

The industry they target is Health – Auto – Life Insurance, Home Services, Legal Services, Medical & Devices Services, Auto Services, Appliance Repair & installation.

Average Commission: $5 to $40

Payment Methods: Paypal and Check

Minimum Payout: $100

Already more than 400 million leads are generated, 5 or more million consumer inquiries each month.

They have only 500 publishers, which looks odd, right? From this number, you may get to know that they do accept only quality publishers. So only apply if you have quality traffic.

Average Commission: $10 to $200

Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, Wire

Minimum Payout: $50

GlobalWideMedia was previously known as NeverBlue.

It was launched in 2012 as NeverBlue. As per website claims, they do generate more than 5 million monthly conversions and $3 billion in annual sales.

50 million mobile app installs, 24000 campaigns running in more than 100 countries which target more than 2 billion audiences. They have offices in USA, UK, and Canada.

Average Commission: $50

Payment Methods: PayPal

Minimum Payout: $100 (Monthly)

Palo Media is one of those Pay per Call Networks that accepts publishers regularly while maintaining quality and quantity.

It is also one of the oldest networks founded in 2010 and was known for the quality calls they provided since its launch.

The withdrawal amount is also comparatively very low, you can withdraw when you reach a minimum payout of $20.

In this list of pay per call networks, I highly recommend applying for Palo.

Average Commission: $10

Payment Methods: PayPal

Minimum Payout: $20

More than 1 billion monthly global users reach 14+ billion annually engagements, 157 million annual conversions, and more than 16 billion annual revenue

The reason you should use them is because of their high pay, lots of campaigns, different & many industries, different models of marketing, and much more.

Average Commission: $10

Payment Methods: PayPal

Minimum Payout: $20

MaxBounty comes up with an advanced tracking system that allows you to track all activities your earnings and promotion. It is one of the best pay per call networks for beginners.

They have most of the offers in the CPA model, Even if it is best for beginners to approve accounts it takes time and approves accounts on a quality basis.

Average Commission: $5 to $50

Payment Methods:  Check, PayPal, ACH (Direct Deposit), Wire, Payoneer

Minimum Payout: $100

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