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Time2play to join the battle against gambling addiction by covering the cost of Gamban subscriptions for their website users. is a casino comparison site that genuinely prioritizes responsible gambling. Despite massive growth in the last 12 months, Time2play has kept its promise to put the player first. In a bid to set the standard for other iGaming companies, Time2play has now established a partnership with Gamban to support problem gamblers.


Gamban is an application that blocks all online gambling websites when installed on your device. Users are protected from thousands of gambling sites, apps, and services from the second the app is installed. Gamban will not deactivate your service until your subscription has ended, and it cannot be removed manually from your device during the same period. 


This means that, even in the most difficult of times, Gamban keeps its subscribers protected. A Gamban subscription costs $35 per year, but the new initiative will see Time2play provide completely free Gamban subscriptions to those that have signed up using their website. Time2play will pay for the subscription for every user that needs it. There are alternatives, but Time2play considers Gamban one of the most effective responsible gambling tools on the market.


Time2play’s Co-Founder, Tim Tepass, said:  “We wanted to do more to help any of our players that may be struggling with gambling addiction. Gamban was the obvious choice for us because of its reliable technology. Other tools are easily bypassed and don’t offer the same level of protection.”


Although a focus on reducing problem gambling isn’t something new for Time2play, it’s something that the business plans to push even further in 2022. This is in line with the growth of the US casino market and Time2play launching in other geographical locations.


“We can’t say that we are ‘for the user’ without considering the implications of our product on problem gamblers. While most of our visitors are casual players looking for information on a casino, some could be at higher risk of gambling addiction. We want to do everything we can to support those people, and this collaboration is just the beginning of our efforts,” said Tim. 


Despite the industry’s stigma, Time2play is proof that online casino affiliates and responsible gambling can co-exist harmoniously. By collaborating, both can ensure that players have easy access to the available tools before they even begin gambling. 


“It’s vital that players understand that there is support available if things get out of control. Affiliates are positioned to make people aware of these resources early on. Through better visibility and accessibility of these resources, Time2play can raise standards for affiliates in reducing gambling harm,” said Gamban’s Co-Founder, Jack Symons.


To claim a Gamban subscription, send an email to with the same email address you used to sign up with a gambling operator through Time2play. You will then receive a link to sign up with 100% of the costs covered.

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