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The Role of a Professional Website for ECommerce in Consumer Engagement

Professional websites enable businesses to reach a broader array of clients. Consumer behavior has shifted from focusing on brick-and-mortar storefronts to virtual shops due to technology changes and recent health concerns.

Professional websites enable businesses to reach a broader array of clients. Consumer behavior has shifted from focusing on brick-and-mortar storefronts to virtual shops due to technology changes and recent health concerns. Following the collapse of retail stores and the worsening of the United States’ pandemic, Statista reported that consumer eCommerce traffic in May and June 2020 eclipsed that of the holiday 2019 season (source). As more buyers are drawn to look for goods online, it is essential to have a strong web presence and in this post we’ll outline the role of a professional website for ecommerce.


What Your Website Should Focus On

Just Like A Party, It’s All About the Host

As eCommerce continues to thrive in sales, there are essential aspects to be addressed by a website. First, a website must have an excellent hosting platform. When I decide to go to a party, the first thing I ask is, “Who’s party is it?” No one is interested in going to an event with a lame host. It is the same with your business website. Websites should be located on a platform that can maintain the levels of traffic anticipated. Consumers’ interests wane when pages fail to load or links are inaccessible. The web content should contain necessary information and have it easily accessible to the user. Links should be visible and accurately labeled to avoid confusion.  It is also a good idea to have a domain name that distinguishes your product. 


Keep Your Information on Lock

Another primary concern for a professional website for ecommerce is safety. Websites should keep information secure and private. Going back to our previous party example, when you host a party, you want to control who is allowed to come in and out. Consumers need to be assured that you will keep their private information on lock. Researchers recommend that user-centric touchpoints be available to visitors that enable the visitor to feel they have control of shared knowledge. As consumers are reluctant to share information online due to concerns over what data is collected and where it is shared, disclosure statements allow the company to be transparent to build consumer trust. The website should also have a term of use link. This is similar in use to the privacy statement. The terms of use disclosure protect the brand by defining the use of the information provided on the website and lets the user know legally how information submitted to them is designed for use.


And you are? – The Importance of Branding

Are you likely to go to a party that is thrown by an unknown person or one that has not been adequately promoted? No, you will be left thinking, “And you are?” 


Businesses must leave a memorable impression on consumers. A website presence can be used to either supplement or take the place of a storefront. Branding allows buyers to recognize a product and associate an experience with it. It is essential to showcase the logo, slogan, and color scheme that is consistent with the products and company.  In addition, with a professional website for ecommerce you should showcase key products of interest to drive the visitor deeper into the site.


Beyond Window Shopping

When consumers visit your physical store, they are able to wander around and look through your inventory. As a frequent Target shopper, I can testify that many of my purchases are often things I look at on my way to the checkout line. A website must make it easy for buyers to look through the products you sell. 


The use of pictures is critical. Since online buyers are not able to stroll through the aisles of your store and find new products, be sure the website has full color, eye-catching pictures of your products. If you offer many products, it may be best to focus on a handful of your best sellers or new products not to overwhelm buyers. Pictures will take the place of your salespeople, so make sure they pop. 


A website is an effective and cost-efficient means for a company to reach potential buyers, take WHR Marketing for example. An attractive website can either take the place of a physical store or serve as an extension to provide additional sales opportunities. A dynamic, professional website for ecommerce will showcase all brand products and offers valuable information to consumers regarding the products available and their potential uses.


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