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The most annoying Android features you should switch off right now

Let's be honest: among the endless and interesting Android features hide some settings and options that are not so useful and that you wanted to turn off immediately but then, taken by laziness, you left active. Today we're going to show you three features you should get rid of right away!

Disable access to app localization

Battery consumption is a major concern for users. One of the reasons why a smartphone drains faster is because apps can access its location hardware.

By default, whenever an app needs to access your location, it uses GPS, which increases power consumption. However, you can change this for each individual app installed on your smartphone. This way, you will certainly benefit from longer battery life.

To set up access to the location, you just need to:

Accessing your device’s settings

Search for the location access submenu (many manufacturers include it in the Privacy and Security menu)

In this screenshot, you can see which apps have access to your location and choose which ones to give permission and which ones not

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android turn off location

Deny some apps access to localization to save battery / © NextPit

With Android 10 you have an additional advantage: you can decide whether to give access to a particular app at all times, only while using the app or reject it completely:

Open the Settings menu

Click on Location-based services

Select the app you want to manage the authorization for

Click on Permissions

And select the option that best suits your needs

android turn off location2

Android 10 offers better permission management / © NextPit

Avoid adding new apps to your home page

You may have noticed that whenever you install a new app on your device, the Google Play Store automatically sends a shortcut to the home screen. This feature can be useful when it comes to apps you use every day, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, but as for other apps, it is useless and quite annoying, especially when you find yourself on the home screen covered with icons.

To deactivate this function and have the newly downloaded apps available directly in the appropriate section without filling the home screen with new icons:

Open the Play Store

Access the settings menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top left

Uncheck Add icons to the Home screen.

If you don’t find this item in the Play Store, you’ll need to look for your launcher’s settings, usually by pressing and holding on any empty point on the main screen and then clicking on a gear icon.

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Free your home screen from unnecessary icons / © NextPit

Disable haptic feedback on your display

That little vibration that your phone does every time you tap the screen is useful for letting you know when you’ve actually registered an input, but it can also be frustrating if the vibration motor in your phone is not that quiet. It also drains your battery. Most power users turn this off when they pick up a new device. here’s how to do it.

Go to Settings

Select Sound & vibration

Look for Touch vibrations and turn it off

It may be called something different depending on the exact device you have

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turn off haptic feedback

Turn off that annoying buzzing every time you tap the screen / © NextPit

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Now that you know how to disable these three boring Android features you can enjoy the best of your device, taking advantage of it intelligently and limiting battery consumption. What other functions would you like to get rid of?


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