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That Little Girl Was Me NFT Launch – a Chance to Join a Movement

That Little Girl Was Me (TLGWM) is proud to announce an NFT project with a launch date of March 1, 2022. TLGWM will be releasing 4,444 unique variants of the iconic painting, to empower women and bring a more diverse audience to the frontier of NFTs. TLGWM is determined to prove that thoughtful, values-driven, and inclusive projects can provide an accessible entry point to the NFT marketplace and support worthwhile organizations.

The vision is to promote a positive space for global citizens and historically marginalized communities. The project aspires to transcend divisive political and social ideologies. The goal is to inspire humanity, especially young women, with a message that ignites their inner consciousness and shifts projects towards more meaningful creative expression.

The artwork is globally recognized and speaks to the inspirational arc of trailblazing Black women and women in general. The artwork connects a fierce and regal image of Kamala Harris alongside Ruby Bridges, the first African American student to integrate an elementary school in the South. The piece is inspired by Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With” and captures the pride of a young black girl going to school and a strong Kamala Harris walking alongside her.

A portion of all proceeds generated from sales will be donated to organizations focused on women’s rights, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities. This is more than a digital asset. This is a movement.

As a group, TLGWM aspires to the following:

To create a movement that resonates with global citizens and offers an NFT project that supports social causes.
To champion women and girls’ rights.
To educate more people about the power of NFT projects as a vehicle for social change.
To feature more women, BIPOC artists, and teams that collaborate to successfully create socially conscious NFTs.
To inspire women and BIPOC artists.
To bring awareness to the need for an NFT platform focused on women and BIPOC artists and their work.
The project is led by Good Trubble founder Gordon Jones. Mr. Jones had this to say about the project, “TLGWM is more than just an NFT. Our vision is to empower, promote, and bring awareness to the incredible women in our world.”

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