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The best new iPadOS 13 features to try today

At the Apple WWDC this summer, the company announced that iPad would finally be getting its own OS - iPadOS

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How to change the keyboard language on iPhone and iPad

Want to talk to your friends in another language that does not use the English writing system? Or do you

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Universal Control: Enjoy it on these Macs and iPads

Universal Control is a new feature that Apple revealed during WWDC21. Universal Control allows files to be exchanged between a

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How to use Apple’s Universal Control on your devices

Last year, Apple presented a feature that we were all waiting for: Universal Control. This is not an Apple exclusive

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Drag-and-drop your way to master multi-tasking on the iPhone

One of the most practical features of iOS 15 is certainly the possibility to drag-and-drop across apps. Using this function,

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The best way to share your screen on a FaceTime call

Post Views: 45 Once that’s done, open the FaceTime app and start a call (select someone from the list of

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