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Sunshine Care Announces Final Advisory Board and General Counsel, Sets Franchising Milestones

Sunshine Care is proud to announce its Advisory Board membership and responsibilities for each member. Sunshine Care national franchises will be available within 90 days. Sunshine Care will give medical doctors, nursing home owners, assisted living owners, home healthcare/hospice owners, and others the ability to participate in the expansion of technology, virtual health, the new value-based reimbursement model, and improve the quality of life for their residents and patients in an easy-to-implement franchise model.

“Since nothing like this exists currently, I can’t compare what we offer to any other company,” says Sunshine Care CEO Rusty McMurray. “Sunshine Care will reinvent the healthcare model to serve not only those who have insurance but those who are underinsured or have no coverage at all. We have the ability to scale quickly to serve millions of patients immediately.”

Sunshine Care Advisory Board Team

Mike Mathews, VP Technology and Innovation, Oral Roberts University. Sunshine Care Advisory Board Chairman. Mike brings insight on innovation in industry and technology experience, including AI, Metaverse, and MQ Mirror technology, to make sure Sunshine Care is always innovating in the healthcare space.

Dr. Peter Armstrong MD, FRCSC, FAOA, FACS, FAAP, President and Chairman of the Foundation for Advancing Pediatric Orthopedics. Sunshine Care Advisory Board Member. Dr. Armstrong and the Foundation are building a visionary AI platform for training residents and providers to advance pediatric orthopedics. Sunshine Care intends on helping create this platform for not only pediatric providers but all providers and their patients in the Metaverse.

David Bullard MHA, CMPE. David brings decades of experience in the ACO/Value-Based Healthcare system as CEO of several large medical groups. David has participated as an early investor and/or advisor in multiple healthcare technology-driven companies, including SnapNURSE, Infina Connect, and many others.

Ellsworth Harris. Ellsworth brings extensive experience in growing long-term care medical practices and healthcare technology companies. Plus, his most recent experience as CEO of AMS Infection Prevention Partners will bring value during the new COVID normal.

John Carson, USMC LT COL RET. John will bring decades of military and civilian technology experience to Sunshine Care. Lt. Col. Carson has been responsible for large-scale technology implementation in several countries and will be responsible for expansion, support, training, distribution, and manufacture of Sunshine Care proprietary technologies.

Alex King, JD, Sunshine Care General Counsel and Advisory Board Member. Counselor King has served for almost three decades representing the corporate interests of companies. Alex brings unique skills to the Sunshine Care international franchising model with in-house experience developing and implementing U.S. and international franchising expansion for publicly traded car rental companies.

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