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Fujisawa Toyama Group Confirms Commitment to Continued Charitable Efforts in 2022

Fujisawa Toyama Group has continued its commitment to supporting COVID-19 causes by pledging additional fund relief to local charities, sponsored events, and fundraising activities.

Fujisawa Toyama Group is focused on supporting those who are most vulnerable, including those lacking food security and mental health care, in addition to any other challenges that continue to arise in these challenging times.

“We are dedicated to supporting charitable organizations that are on the front lines of addressing food insecurity and mental health problems amid the current health crisis,” said Bob Midlowski, Chairman of the Board at Fujisawa Toyama Group. “We know that families who do not have enough to eat or struggle with mental health concerns are unable to thrive at the moment, and they greatly need help right now.”

Since its founding in January 2009, Fujisawa Toyama Group has been supporting disadvantaged individuals in the local communities around the world through both charitable relief and employee participation in the form of volunteering and other engagement initiatives, making a substantial impact both internally and externally. All these efforts align with the company’s belief that investment in its people is a sound financial decision and benefits society by making them happier and healthier overall.

“As a business, we have adapted to this crisis very well. We have mobilized and put our best skills at the service of the community and our clients. Our top priorities moving forward for our clients will now include protection strategies that mitigate similar life-changing events,” added Yamashina Kata, Chief Executive Officer at Fujisawa Toyama Group.

As the financial markets rebound from the crisis and the next normal continues to take hold, Fujisawa Toyama Group is focused on embracing a more flexible financial service operating model and accelerating its digital transformation.

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