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Success Story of Resham Bahadur (Co-Founder of Icnofy)”

Mr. Resham co-founder of Icnofy has achieved a top-notch position in the list of successful entrepreneurs. Currently, he is amongst the most reputed and well-known entrepreneurs. But he has strived enough to achieve this success. For him, it wasn't served on the platter but he had to work hard to get where he is today.

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.” These lines were said by the world-known author Napolean Hill and this gentleman name, Resham Bahadur, believes in it too.

Mr. Resham co-founder of Icnofy has achieved a top-notch position in the list of successful entrepreneurs. Currently, he is amongst the most reputed and well-known entrepreneurs. But he has strived enough to achieve this success. For him, it wasn’t served on the platter but he had to work hard to get where he is today.

Inside Resham Bahadur’s Personal Life

He belonged to the army family and his predecessors were born in Nepal but they switched the countries 45 years ago. He was born and brought up in India. During his childhood, his family didn’t have many resources so he couldn’t have a luxurious life. But he believes that his struggle makes him what he is today.

With time, he and his family developed their lifestyle and financial status. For him, it was more like rising from the ground as he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Since his childhood, he was attracted to technology so he decided to pursue it as his career. He finished his graduation from IT field and started working as a Digital Marketer and Online Reputation Management Expert in 2010. During his tenure, he had served 9 companies and he had multiple experiences with work, some good and some sour. All his experiences made him better and upgraded his skills.

Inspiration, Expertise and Perspective

Mr Resham Bahadur loved reading self-development books. He took his inspiration from the famous Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, Robin Sharma’s 5 AM Club and Life’s Amazing Secrets. This gentleman believes in living a simple life that’s why along with wealth, he prioritises health and spirituality too. He has been involved in meditation for quite a long time. All the people who had served our society inspired him a lot and at an early age, he wanted to become one of them. Motivating others is his life motto.

One thing that brought a huge change in his life was meditation. It taught him the real meaning of life and the concept was introduced by a renowned organisation ISKCON. From the last many years, he has ties with ISKCON and it has helped him in building a stable life. There he stayed in touch with a monk and learned a few techniques of Bhagavad Gita. Their perspectives about life and living had shaken him from inside. Now, he believes that spirituality and purity of our soul are very important parts of our lives. He is on the path of achieving them.

If we see him from the technology’s perspective, then he has expertise in digital marketing, reputation management, brand promotion, advertising campaigning, Project Management and other development-related skills.

According to his belief, technology and the internet connect the masses and our future depends on it. We must have this future vision and thus we should invest in technology and the internet. It’s his aim to help people who want to grow their business and brand online. He has been working hard in this field.

Reasons Why He Worked As Online Reputation Management Expert

Mr Resham Bahadur was always interested in technology. Since his childhood, he used to sit in front of the computer and work on it. Computer was not easily available in his background so it was hard for him to access it. But still, he used to learn it in his schools, at his friend’s place and at cyber cafes. Then after completing his graduation from IT, out of everything he purposely selected ORM (Online Reputation Management) as it focused on managing the online reputation of products and services. Also on ethical grey areas of website work and online business.

This connection between business and technology attracted him the most as he loved both of them. Through ORM, he could stay close to technology and through brand managing, he would learn more about businesses. He absolutely loved the combination and went with the position.

Starting of Icnofy

After working for 10 years, Mr Resham Bahadur decided to start his own company in 2017. 4G Revolution had brought a huge change in India and it inspired him to start his own company. Initially, it was a challenging decision for him because at that time the growth of the internet was skyrocketing and everyone wanted to invest in it. But the market was competitive too. New technologies and tricks were coming each day and he needed to keep a check on everything. So he went through everything to chalk a perfect plan for his start-up business.

He wanted capital to raise his business but it was tough for him as no one would give orders in starting. However, he didn’t lose hope and stayed firm on his decision. Firstly, he invested a little amount of money and created the website. He knew the art of digital marketing so the marketing part was easy for him.

The Vision of Icnofy

Resham Bahadur started Icnofy with his co-Founder Sooraj Verma with different vision. At that time, after the 4G revolution, digital marketing was new for so many Indians. Many of them were newly introduced to freelancing, online earning, Vlog, websites and blogging. They didn’t know much about Digitalization. So he wanted to support people online by providing Digital services.

Work Strategy of Icnofy

Resham Bahadur had worked in this field for 10 long years. That’s why he was well aware of every thick and thin curve of the work. He had enough knowledge and technical expertise in his hands. He knew everything about the work.

Good and Bad Days of Icnofy

There is a saying about a business that is ‘All the businesses go through ups and downs. Businessmen have to struggle to establish their business. It’s a completely different thing to walk in a company and work as an employee with no stress looming on your head. And completely different to create your own company and take it on heights. Business demands hard work, sweat and blood of the businessmen’ Mr Resham had put it all in his work. He’d stayed up many nights to finish his projects. There were times when people used him for their own benefits. There were times when they cancelled the order at the last moment after when he had almost finished the project. These people didn’t pay a penny and he was left barehanded. Sometimes they paid less and sometimes they toiled him for his money. His payments withheld or delayed for no reasons.

However, he never gave up, never lost hope and never took out his frustration on other clients. He always worked hard and provided quality services. At last, his honesty and hard work paid him back. Currently, Icnofy has many national and+ international clients. People like his work and appreciate him for his dedication. Recently he had tied up with many international companies and multiple channels to provide digital marketing solutions.

Aim and Future Goals of Icnofy

Unlike many other successful entrepreneurs, this gentleman Resham wishes to live a healthy and simple life. The main aim of his life is to inspire others. He is a perfect combination of idealism and passion.

The future goal of Icnofy is to expand its business more and more so many others can reap the benefits of its services. Resham Bahadur wants to take his business on the next level.

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