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Study Findings: Crypto Investors More Attractive and Smarter, NFT Profiles Unattractive

Cryptocurrency investors are perceived to be more attractive, smarter, and wealthier than non-investors, the latest survey by Cryptovantage has found. Just over three-quarters of respondents said they are likely to go on a date with someone if their dating app profile mentions crypto. However, some 69% of crypto investors surveyed admitted that they had a relationship end because they invested in a cryptocurrency.

A new survey seeking to determine if investing in cryptocurrency makes one attractive has found that crypto investors are “seen as more attractive, smarter, and wealthier than non-investors.” According to the survey findings in which 1,002 Americans were interviewed, 50% of the female respondents perceive crypto investors to be more attractive than non-investors.

About 46% of the respondents perceive crypto investors to be more desirable while 42% think they are smarter. Some 34% perceive crypto investors to be wealthier than non-investors. Meanwhile, 40% of male respondents think crypto investors are smarter than non-investors.

On whether they would consider dating a person who mentions crypto in their dating app profile, the study found that “more than three-quarters of respondents would swipe right on someone who mentions being a crypto investor in the dating app, and 55% said they are more likely to go on a date or meet up with someone who invests in crypto.”

When asked if cryptocurrency was used to make payments while on a date, 37% of the respondents said they paid in crypto. Some 31% of the respondents said it was their partner that paid in crypto while 13% said they both paid in crypto.

Commenting on the survey results, Cryptovantage said:

Our survey results also indicate that crypto investors could be getting more matches on dating apps than others: About 76% of people said they’re more inclined to swipe right if someone’s dating profile mentions that they’re a crypto investor. People identifying as LGBTQ were ten times more likely to swipe right on those contenders, whereas straight people were six times more likely to do the same.

Nevertheless, the mere mention of crypto in one’s dating profile can also attract bad actors as some survey respondents will attest. To illustrate, almost 60% of the respondents “claimed to have been targeted by a crypto scammer on a dating app.”

On non-fungible tokens (NFT), the survey found that “women are nearly two times more likely to unfollow someone with an NFT profile than men.” One in four women said they would not date someone with an NFT profile picture.

Meanwhile, the survey also found that cryptocurrency investments have had an effect on some relationships with 52% of the respondents confirming that fights are common between partners after the cryptocurrency dips. Around 44% said their partner is obsessed with investing in crypto. Overall, 69% of “crypto investors have had a relationship end over a cryptocurrency investment.”

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